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Lizzy in Sans Francisco

Come along as X Games Gold Medalist Lizzie Armanto takes us, and her Penny Skateboard, to all her favorite spots in San Francisco. San Francisco, known for it’s rolling hills, painted ladies, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge is a great place to travel to and what better way to get around then on a Penny board? Lizzie agrees with this mentality and doesn’t leave home without it. Take a visual voyage along the bay, down the iconic streets, and through a globally known iconic city. For more videos and more of Lizzie’s travels with her Penny, check out our Videos page.

2014 Range

Check out our new 2014 range filled with vibrant colors, cool hand painted ‘Fade’ boards, and new fashion forward Graphics. Our new hand painted Fades series were inspired by surfboard art and by the creative mind of one of our passionate Penny followers. Combining the best of both Penny worlds - fabulous colours and the beach lifestyle that underpins our brand essence – the Fade series offer a unique addition to the current stable of colour options. Each hand painted board across the collection mixes three perfectly complementary colour combinations in an ombre effect that fades across the board. After the success of the introduction of graphics into the 2013 range in the form of the “Holiday” series, we have introduced a whole new range of Graphic patterns inspired by the latest fashion trends and colours. The Graphic series speak to both male and females and feature our most popular colour ways combined with fashion forward board graphics. Baja is bold and colourful inspired by Mexican culture; Floral is dark and edgy, Space is mystical and trendy whilst Hunting Season is inspired by camo prints and hunting fashion.

Penny Pouch Backpacks

The Penny “Pouch" was developed through the necessity of getting to your destination on your skateboard and being able to carry your board in a simple and functional way once you get there. Not only do these backpacks serve a functional purpose but they are also fashionable with a range of colours to suit your every mood. See everything the new Pouch can fit and watch this clip now!

Share Your Moments

Share Your Moments

Penny Skateboards is all about having fun and living in the moment. What better way to do this than to share your Penny Moments with everyone? You love Instagram, so do we. You love Facebook, so do we! We love to share with you our Penny Moments and encourage you to do the same. Next time you’re out with your friends cruising around, exploring the world, and just having FUN- share it with us. We’ll be watching, liking and even re-sharing. You may even be the one to appear in the Photo of the Month below! Enjoy each moment and share with us your Penny Moments. Don’t forget to tag #pennymoments and #pennyskateboards in your photos!

Photo Of The Month

Photo Of The Month

Congratulations to our Photo of the Month winner on instagram @cedricgorczevski. This warped photo is mega trippy, and our #pennymoments fans thought so too! There are many ways you can achieve this type of photo yourself, from photography apps on your phone to photoshop. Nothing beats a day out skating on your Penny boards, so get out there, let your creativity shine and share your penny moments with us.

Great photo Cedric and thanks for sharing!

Penny: High Performance Plastic Skateboards, Since Forever

Penny: High Performance Plastic Skateboards, Since Forever

Skateboarding is more than merely a way to get around; it’s a life style, an art, an outlet. You do it because you love it, not because you have to. Because you can, not because you should. It’s an expression of individuality, a way to just be you.

From the early days of creating kicker ramps in the garage, through to creating an iconic board brand, the founders of Penny still love one thing: skateboarding and the commitment to quality and performance. Made to put the fun back into skateboarding; whether they’re underfoot or in your backpack, Penny skateboards follow your every move.

Whether you are looking to update your setup, or reinvigorate your old set of wheels, Penny’s online skate shop is the perfect place to buy skateboards and accessories online. Skateboards for sale include both the Penny 22” and Penny 27” Nickel cruisers; tighter turns or a little more plastic underfoot, the choice is yours. Penny also sells a complete range of accessories online, from all the basic components through to hardware, panel stickers and grip tape, apparel and even backpacks – take your board with you wherever you go!

Unlike many skate shops online, Penny’s skateboard shop gives you complete creative control when choosing your board. Whether you want to simply mix and match decks, trucks and wheels, or create a completely unique design with the Penny board customizer, there’s nothing holding you back except your imagination. Each and every board is made using high quality raw materials – Penny’s secret plastic formula is renowned for its longevity and flexibility. All products are made with fanatical attention to detail, delivering the perfect balance of performance and style.

Searching for a store where you can buy a quality skateboard? If you love to skate, Penny is the original and the best when it comes to high performance plastic skateboards.